Vintage Tricycle

The vintage tricycle for selling on the road is one of the many gems of ICECAR. The ice-cream tricycle embodies many of the essential features of today’s world: tradition, technology, the need to develop new models of business, as well as respect for the environment,

The bikes can easily access historic centres, parks and those areas that usually can’t be reached by vehicles for selling on the road, except in special circumstances.

  • Its autonomy of 6-8 hours means it can be used without a power supply for an entire shift, but you can always connect it to the power supply if needed.
  • Thanks to the possibility to install on the tricycle a pedal-assist kit, it is much easier to cover long distances with a heavy load such as a full ice-cream tank. The e-bike provides essential assistance for workers who move a lot while selling on the road.
  • Every aspect of the ice-cream bike can be customised depending on the customer’s needs. The chassis and the wooden frame can be painted in the colours that reflect the company style. We can also affix a customised graphic design on each of the four sides of the storage container.

The tricycle is suitable for various types of set-up, contact us to decide which one best suits your needs