Piaggio Ape

The Piaggio Ape is an iconic vehicle, it has been around for many years and it is still evolving. It symbolises Italy and is recognised and admired all over the world. Due to the incredible charm of this vehicle, there is a high demand for various different set-ups.

During the years we have been working in the vehicle industry we have had the chance to set-up several different models of the Piaggio Ape: from the small Ape 50 to the 400 version, and the TM 703 and the extravagant Calessino. Every model has its own specific characteristics to be highlighted and exploited so as to make the most of your investment. The Piaggio Ape is suitable for many different set-ups, either for selling ice-cream or street food, depending on your specific requirements

Light and manoeuvrable and at the same time sturdy and well equipped. Easy to drive and park. Available in many different set-ups. For this reason, it is also the favourite choice of new businesses who want a vehicle to start or expand their business.

To conclude, here you can find the Piaggio Ape proposals divided up into the various models that we have produced.