Overhauling Used Street Food Vehicle

Used Street Food Vehicles and ice-cream parlours

Following requests from our customers we are now offering a new service:

Complete overhaul and/or restoration of both the interior and the exterior of vehicles that have been used for selling on the road.

Our specialised technicians can fully renovate the furniture according to the customer’s specific requirements.

 Thanks to our long experience, every system like the refrigeration unit and the, electrical and plumbing system can be renovated and made safe.

Our technicians are able to overhaul all the equipment in the vehicle, and

our offices can provide a personal consultation for graphical and painting.

After a long working season, we recommend to that anything that is malfunctioning is fixed and routine maintenance is undertaken

and, where possible vehicles are upgraded so they can remain in service for many years to come.

The end of the summer season is the best time to carry out a complete check-up of vehicles.

We choose to dedicate the last part of the year, from September to December, for overhauling street food vehicles.


Contact us for further information and a free quote.

Have a look at the photos and see some of the restorations we carried out.