Ape Calessino

The Ape Calessino is a symbol of our beautiful country. It’s commonly seen on small country roads surrounded by amazing landscapes. The unique style of the Piaggio passenger transport vehicle has made it one of the most photographed vehicles in the world. The Ape Calessino has starred in several films and featured in numerous holiday photos, and it still is an Italian icon.

On this distinctive vehicle customised set-ups for street food vending or ice-cream vending can be made.

  • The rear of the vehicle can be easily set-up for selling any food and for many other uses. Our technicians can make ad hoc set-ups to meet every requirement.
  • The person selling products does so from outside the vehicle so as to keep the design of the vehicle integral.
  • The client can choose the colour of the covers which are made in PVC. The customisation, as in the other ICECAR products, can also include the chassis and finishes.
  • Once customised, the Ape Calessino cannot be driven on the road, it must be transported to the site using a trailer or a truck.
    So, it is particularly suited for those who will use it at festivals, private events and other locations. It is not so suitable for those who want to have a vehicle that allows them to move around freely.

The Piaggio Ape Calessino is suitable for various types of set-up, contact us to know which one best suits your needs.