Overhaul of used vehicles

Project: Ice-cream Parlour Van Cristian

On this van used for selling ice-cream on the road we carried out some routine maintenance and gave it an overhaul. Time and use had led to some deterioration of the van, both in the chassis and the interiors. This is what our technicians did for Cristian.

  • One of the most significant pieces of work was the renovation of the graphics. We removed all old stickers and we completely renewed the exterior painting. We focused on restoring the parts that had rust.
  • For the interior furniture, our technicians focused on the restoration of the refrigeration, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • We opted for LED lights instead of neon lights for the interior lighting.
  • While carrying out various tests, we checked the electric board and mounted an additional 12V – 80 Ah gel battery.
  • We also installed some extra 220V sockets next to the worktop in order to improve the usability.
  • During the vehicle overhaul, we found a gas leak in the refrigeration system which we promptly fixed.
  • To improve the efficiency, we mounted a new hot water boiler.
  • We dedicated some time to the interiors, we polished the stainless steel of the covers and installing new seals and checked they were airtight so as to maintain the cold environment.
  • We installed new work tops and shelves made of polished stainless steel to renovate the interior of the van.
  • We installed a towel rail next to the sink.
  • The owner asked us to install a folding flap table in the sales area (in front of the customers).
  • We put the audio system and add a siren to give the final touch.