Gastronomy Ape with on-board operator

The Gastronomy Ape is one of the best vehicles to use to start up a business on wheels. It meets the needs of one of the strongest trends of the restaurant sector in an excellent manner. It is versatile and has a unique look. The Piaggio Ape, with its history and charm, seduces everyone and at the same time it is a practical vehicle.

Both compact and offering a good load capacity, it is suitable for sizeable set-ups such as the provision of gastronomy services. Since food preparation on board also requires equipment that is quite heavy, we advise that the new professional vehicles. Piaggio Ape and Piaggio Porter are the best solutions in the compact sized vehicle range.

The structure that we make for the on-board operator on these street food vehicles means that tasty dishes to be easily cooked and served. Being a reliable vehicle, the Piaggio Ape with an on-board operator is the ideal solution for festivals and events. The counter and the back counter can be set-up as desired. Our experience to date tells that every vehicle is different, and each has its own story.

It costs less than a trailer or a van and so it is more affordable for new businesses. The Gastronomy Ape is a relatively inexpensive functional solution, but the most important point is that it provides a return on the investment in a relatively limited period of time. For this reason, many entrepreneurs in this sector chose this vehicle. Everyone tells us that they have made the right choice and they are very satisfied.

Gastronomy Ape with on-board operator.

  • The available set-ups are unlimited: from pastry shop to typical street food fried foods. Panini, fried food, chips, fruit and vegetables, and local dishes too. There’s something for everyone’s taste.
  • The customisation allows you to choose the furniture and the necessary equipment.
  • Even in this case, the vehicle has an autonomy of 6-8 hours, without having to rely on a power supply.
  • Appealing from every point of view, the customised Ape Classic 400 for street food is the real cult vehicle in our catalogue.
  • The customer can choose all graphic and aesthetic details, such as the chassis colour and the other finishes and the adhesive prints.
  • The Gastronomy Ape is always a winning choice. In fact, that’s why it has been on the market since a long time.

For further information on possible customisations just contact us!