Beach ice cream cart

The Beach Ice Cream Cart is one of the highlights of the ICECAR outfitted vehicles catalogue. A sparkling new arrival, that can be customised and is eco-friendly.

This vehicle is now frequently seen on seashores in Italy and abroad. Beach sellers need an assistance during the long days spent under the summer sun. Pushing a cart on the beach is not an easy task and it is made more difficult because of the sand. Not to mention the heavy refrigeration unit. And this is where the most comfortable and efficient mode of operation to tackle this exhausting but wonderful activity comes in. You know, if work becomes easier and fun, it also becomes more profitable.

Every seashore has different regulations. Beaches have different regulations set by local administrations. Thank to our experience in this matter, we are able to provide the right solution based on the specific requirements of the area where you are going to operate.

  • The Beach Ice Cream Cart is a four-wheel drive vehicle which has no problem in dealing with sand and dunes. All this without foregoing safety, performance and efficiency.
  • The vehicle can easily be remotely controlled. Really convenient for those who know what working on the beach while pushing a cart means.
  • The side steps allow operators to be positioned slightly higher so that they can effortlessly serve customers.
  • And this vehicle, just like all the other ICECAR vehicles, has an autonomy of 6-8 hours.
  • Every aspect of the vehicle is customisable according to the customer requirements: colour, logo, stickers…

For further technical information about the vehicle, please contact us. 

The Beach Ice Cream Cart is suitable for various types of set-up, contact us to decide which one best suits your needs.