Restyling of Beach Ice Cream Cart

Project: Restyling of the ‘Mara’ Ice Cream Beach Cart.

Just recently the ICECAR Team delivered an ice cream beach cart for the new summer season to the company ‘Mara’ in Jesolo (Italy). Following our client’s requests, we made some changes and upgraded the vehicle, in order to improve its aesthetics and usability.

lectric vehicles, such as the beach ice cream cart, are outdoors directly exposed to the weather most of the time. The materials are put to the test both by normal wear and tear and also by the weather and sea salt. We recommend that regular maintenance is undertaken at the end of the summer season. We normally carry out such maintenance on all the vehicles that need restoration or restyling during the autumn and winter.

  • In the specific case of the company ‘Mara’ of Jesolo (Italy), we replaced the worktop. The electric vehicle had a worktop that over time has been scratched and damaged. Our technicians replaced it with a new worktop made of white “Starkryl”. The worktop has been cut in order to keep the existing containers and we put frames around the covers also so they could to be kept clean. The overall result had a good visual and aesthetic impact, as well as a contemporary look.
  • While restoring the beach ice cream cart we reconnected the existing systems.
  • As usual, we delivered the vehicle after a technical test and cleaning.

n the gallery here, you can find some photos of the work we carried out for Mara of Jesolo.

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