Tricycles are one of the most appealing street food vending vehicles in our catalogue. Similar to carts, tricycles are light and versatile, and longer distances can be covered without any problem, especially the pedal-assisted version is chosen.

Cargo tricycles for ice-cream vending are made entirely by our specialised technicians, according to the design of the technical department. In the ICECAR factory we make all the fittings and the equipment for the carts, paying great attention to every single detail. All the models of ice-cream bikes are equipped with a fridge autonomy of 6-8 hours so that after an overnight charge they can be used without a power supply.

In our catalogue we have Basic and Vintage models of ice-cream bikes. These are two complete and versatile designs that can be customised and produced according to the requirements of the customer. While the first model stands out for its essential look, the second gets noticed due to its retro and sophisticated style. Every ICECAR model can be fitted with a pedal-assist kit and a wide range of optionals thus satisfying the most demanding requirements.

So, all you now need to do is to have a look at our two models shown below and at the relevant technical information in order to choose the one most appropriate for you.