ICECAR carts

In the workshops of our company our craftsmen produce a complete range of ice-cream and street food carts.
Production is divided in two main lines: Basic and Vintage. The basic model can be transformed in an infinite number of combinations thanks to the possibility to customise every single part of the vehicle. We build carts for the sale of home-made or packaged ice-cream, as well as crepes, drinks, street food, etc.

In 2019, we extended the range with special carts, to meet the demands of the market and the needs of our customers. We added 3 new specific proposals to our catalogue: Wedding, Tropical and Bio. These are up to date thematic carts that completely meet the requirements and needs of diverse operators, striking the right balance between old and new.

They are cart for the street food vending that are light and versatile. They can be easily transported in a van or on a trailer so that they can be put into service at major events in this field or where private events are taking place, and it can also be used inside or outside ice-cream parlours, restaurants, hotels, etc.

From a financial point of view, this is the best solution for those who are new to street food vending due to the low costs and high return on investment. Many of our customers who started in business with a cart have later moved on to larger and more comprehensive vehicles like trailers or food vans.