Electric Vehicles

Our electric vehicles are constantly growing in popularity. They are versatile, sturdy and can cope very well with any kind of environment. Being electric makes them suitable for very varied settings: parks, nature reserves, beaches, as well as city areas, restricted traffic areas and many others. The engines that we use to create these special modern carts are suitable for every kind of terrain: cobblestones, sand, snow and so on.

The main strength of ICECAR electric vehicles is their high load capacity. This makes them ideal for an infinite variety of set-ups, from selling ice-cream to street food, not to mention many other products. The electric vehicle for selling on the road is so versatile that any type of set-up is possible.

  • These powerful vehicles also have an autonomy of 6-8 hours. With an overnight charge connected to a normal power supply they can be used for an entire work shift.
  • All the set-ups are done by our technicians according to the project designed together with the client. You can choose compartments and their temperatures, the worktops, the roof and graphic design aspects.
  • For the ice-cream parlour set-up both rectangular and circular tubs can be provided according to your specific requirements.