Ape 50

The Ape 50 is the smallest model of the range of PIAGGIO commercial vehicles that can be set-up for street vendors. And it is probably the most common model used by street vendors in many parts of Italy

Its compact size and a light chassis make it one of the most appealing vehicles for young people. In fact to drive this vehicle (in Italy) only a moped licence is required, that can be obtained (in Italy) when the driver is 14 years old.

  • After an overnight charge connected to a power supply the vehicle has an autonomy of 6/8 hours.
  • We can create set-ups for the selling home made ice-cream by the scoop or packaged ice-cream, in both circular and rectangular tubs.
  • Upon request, we will also make set-ups other than that of the ice-cream parlour, but in such cases the capacity is different.
  • Since the vehicle is not too heavy and it has a limited load capacity, we make lighter PVC covers for the Piaggio Ape 50. Customers can choose the colours they prefer to be matched with the rest of the customisation.

Ultimately this is one of the most economical and versatile solutions, which above all satisfies the requirements of very young start-ups that need to explore the industry before investing in a more extensive vehicle.


The Ape 50 is also available in an ELECTRIC VERSION Thanks to the electric transmission, its operation is environmentally friendly, and the problems of vehicle emissions, noise levels, fuel charges and restricted traffic areas are solved. This solution is becoming more popular for both environmental and practical reasons. It’s a really viable alternative allowing access to areas that are usually off limits.