Overhaul of a used ice-cream selling vehicle

Project: Florida Ice-cream Parlour Van

For our ‘Florida’ clients we carried out an overhaul of their ice-cream parlour van. The Icecar team gave it a makeover starting from the chassis and moving on to the interior. Here are details of what we did in this case to overhaul as vehicle already in use.

  • The restyling started with the removal of the existing paintwork which had deteriorated over time and had been damaged.
  • We applied grout to the areas that had suffered damage.
  • Our clients choose a new blue paint with different shading in the lower part of the vehicle.
  • To liven up the van from a graphic design point of view we made and applied stickers as requested by our client.
  • Our technicians also carried out some work in the sales door area where they substituted some seals and also some pistons.
  • We also installed a safety lever on the pistons.
  • During the maintenance of the interior we detached the stainless-steel worktop and took out the old ice-cream tank.
  • We also detached and disposed of the copper coil and the old gel packs.
  • We installed a new bronze coil and new gel packs.
  • A new insulated tank was installed in the van.
  • To improve the interior, we made a new made to measure worktop.
  • And finally, we overhauled the refrigeration system including substituting the filters, and emptying it and recharging it with gas.
  • As per our client’s request we installed some white plastic separating units in the drawers.
  • Prior to returning the vehicle to the client we tested all systems and the overall functionality of the vehicle.