Advertising Ape

The Advertising Ape is a very effective marketing tool. It catches the customer’s eye; it is spectacular and versatile. Widely used worldwide for communication activities, you can find it in our catalogue.

The Advertising Ape can be used outdoors or for indoor f sales stands or in shopping malls. We are often asked to make this vehicle for info-points to be used during events, awareness campaigns and so on.

  • The advertising set-ups on the Piaggio Ape are quite easy to make and they are cost-efficient.
  • The graphics and painting can be customised according to the theme or the product. By choosing a neutral base, it can be easily converted for another advertising campaign just by changing the graphic details.
  • The exhibition space can be extended by opening the doors so as to increase the available surfaces.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a lighting system so that it can also be used after daylight hours. Luminous signs can be mounted.
  • Another very popular optional is installation of an LCD screen for showing marketing and sales videos and pictures.

For technical information and prices, please contact
our Sales Department.