Food Vans

The food vans set-up for street food vending are the most complete and customisable vehicles. It’s easy to sell while on board and the load capacity is excellent. The Food Van, either the short or the long version, is always the best choice for selling on the road.

Multiple solutions are available, depending on what is to be sold and the requirements of the customer. Our team of designers and technicians provides every customer with the best options evaluating pros and cons alongside the technical requirements. Every single detail is made by the technicians in our factory to ensure the vehicle is customised to the fullest extent possible.

Generally, ICECAR propose both classic and platform types of van offering Fiat, Renault, Volkswagen and other brands. Both types can be customised for selling ice-cream or gastronomy. All customised vans can be fitted out upon request, with windows for sales or with tilting doors.

The internal spaces for storage, preparation and sale of food are organised in accordance with the weight distribution specifications respecting the maximum recommended load for the vehicle. All fittings are specifically tailor made by our technicians, as are the electrical and plumbing systems. We pay particular attention to every part of the refrigerating system in order to provide our customers an autonomy of 6-8 hours.

Our offices also take care of the documentation required for type approval and road fitness of the customised vans, both in Italy and abroad.

In a nutshell, our team is at work every day to making dreams come true.