Ape TM 703


The Piaggio Ape TM 703 was one of the favourite models for set-ups. Unfortunately, Piaggio stopped producing it in 2017, but we had several opportunities to fit out this model

  • Versatile, compact in size and with an unbelievable load capacity, this Piaggio Ape offers a number of possibilities.
  • There are 2 coverings available for this vehicle: light with PVC sheets and heavy with fibreglass panels, according to the requirements and the customer’s budget.
  • Following an overnight charge, the usual set-up has an autonomy of about 8 hours.

So, to summarise, while being sad that this Ape is no longer produced, the fact that is possible to customise other models, such as the evergreen Ape Classic 400, does comfort us.

The Piaggio Ape is suitable for various types of set-up, contact us to decide which one best suits your needs.