Bio Natural Ice cream Cart

One of the most engaging trends of the last few years. We are talking about organic food and its natural flavours. A topic that goes hand in hand with that of ice-cream parlours. This is why a Bio Ice cream Cart couldn’t be missing from our catalogue.

The Bio Ice Cream Cart received a warm welcome when it was unveiled by the ICECAR team during recent industry fairs. It stands out from the other carts of the range due to its appearance inspired by the natural world: naturally tinted wood, opaque white colours and fresh seasonal fruits. It seems that simplicity is still a winner, especially when we are dealing with ingredients and food. Organic is not only trendy, it is also good for customers and for the environment. Are any other incentives needed? Honestly, we don’t think so.

  • For this model we opted for an autonomous version that guarantees 6-8 hours of autonomy without having to rely on a power supply.
  • The pyramidal tops of the ice-cream tanks give the cart a sophisticated elegant look.
  • This version of the cart is particularly suitable for ice-cream parlours, pastry shops, as well as restaurants, outdoor settings, hotels, and many other places.

Finally, this special model is very versatile, as well as being very attractive from an aesthetic point of view. It’s suitable for any environment and is a good way of letting your customers know that your ice cream is organic.

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