Food Van


A food van is the favorite of those who already have itinerant sales experience, both in terms of gelato and street food. Icecar has at its disposal a team dedicated to the realization of the largest vehicles: designers, steel workers, skilled body shop technicians and electric and refrigeration systems. All the operations of transformation and preparation of the van vehicles take place directly at our workshop in Belluno.

  • The set-up is realized by cutting the body of the van to allow the insertion of the window. The technicians then weld the double-sided side door.
  • The bodywork is reinforced and painted to guarantee the customer a high quality product.
  • The van is completely isolated inside.
  • As for interior furnishings, our company takes care of both the design and the material realization and its assembly.
  • On the ice cream vans there are realizations in the ROUND CARAPINE version or in RECTANGULAR TRAYS.
  • For street food vans there is no limit to the choices that can be made: fry, piadine, sandwiches, express pasta and much more.

In summary we realize all your wishes on wheels. For any request and information contact us.



A van-based ice cream shop has nothing to envy of a physical sales point.

Plenty of space for sale on board, many storage and storage compartments.








A streetfood van is one of the most versatile and efficient solutions.

Customizable in every element, it lends itself to the sale of every kind of food.