Overhaul of used van

Project: ‘Roberto’ ice cream van 

For our client Roberto we carried out a full overhaul of his ice-cream parlour van Our technicians worked wonders to return the vehicle to new in time for the start of the summer season. This is an interesting and comprehensive example of how an overhaul and restructuring of an outfitted vehicle works. An overhaul is the most efficient and cost-effective way to return to work with a vehicle that is new both in looks and functionality.

Interventions carried out

  • The ICECAR team fixed all the chassis. The old stickers were all removed, grout was applied to the parts that were damaged and the external paintwork was completely renewed with a white base and blue shading.
  • During the overhaul we replaced the interior furniture that had been damaged, removing some parts and replacing others.
  • The sales door given new seals, gas springs and accompanying support structures.
  • We also checked the generator and changed the filter and oil and tested it.
  • To improve the safety and the efficiency of the vehicle our team replaced the LED lights, and then checked and tested the electrical system.
  • Thanks to our years of experience of furnishings our specialised technicians were able to build a compartment above the worktop and install a rubbish hopper and a small open container for storage.
  • We removed the old brass pipes and substituted them with new polished stainless-steel pipes.
  • In order to be able to offer his patrons a better service our client asked us to build and install a refrigerated tub with a sealed lid to store small fruit, and then we installed two 12-volt wall mounted fruit juicers.
  • Our technicians undertook an in-depth check of the refrigeration system, adding gas and substituting filters, and then tested it. The ice-cream tubs had no thermometers, so we installed them.
  • And the plumbing system was also optimised. In particular our technicians installed a new water boiler, they substituted the rubber pipes of the plumbing system and cleared the drainage system.
  • Finally, we installed an audio system.

In the photo gallery you can see photos of the work we did. You can find other case histories of used vehicles that we have overhauled by clicking here.