Bespoke Vehicles Set-up

Over the years ICECAR has created many different set-ups for bespoke vehicles, completely “out of the box”. These are unique projects, that are usually one-offs. There are vehicles created for special occasions, or to meet specific requirements.

We can create “outside of the box” projects because we have an experienced team and we can make every single part on site “Outside of the box” projects provide us the opportunity to develop and improve. Our designers use all their ingenuity to find the right materials for the projects and innovative solutions.

Upon request, we create special set-ups on bespoke vehicles which may have different characteristics or intended uses or may be authentic antique cars. For advertising agencies, high profile events, or companies that want to develop a new concept we build vehicles with special structures that have an excellent communications and media impact.

In these cases, the Design Department develop a tailored made project based on the customer specifications, that will be made by our specialised outfitter technicians. Thanks to our wide range of suppliers in various sectors our team is always able to face new interesting building challenges. Often it is the unique and peculiar requirements that lead to the creation of new features that are then added to our standard catalogue.

If required and based on the type of vehicle and the set-up our offices can also provide the necessary documentation for the vehicle type approval and initial entry into service.

Over the years of ICECAR production various vehicles considered to be “out of the box” have been set-up: historical Volkswagen vans, snowcats, vintage motorcycles, bespoke bikes, kiosks and trailers and many others.

In a nutshell, if you have a long-cherished dream “outside of the box”, the ICECAR Team can help you make it come true. Contact us for a free quotation!