Basic Tricycle

The ice-cream tricycle is one of the key products in the ICECAR catalogue: it’s the natural evolution of the pushcart. Selling ice-cream and also street food and many other articles on the road can be way easier using our bike. Apart from being eye catching for the curious passer-by, which is also a good marketing tool, the ice-cream bike allows you to bring the pleasure of enjoying a cone directly to the customer in a unique way.

As with the other models the production is completely ‘Made in Italy’, done to state-of-the-art standards by ICECAR technicians in our workshop in Belluno. The chassis, loading area, refrigeration unit, plumbing and electrical system, as well as the customisation from a graphic design point of view are all operations that are carried out in the factory, or with the assistance of local companies.

  • The ice-cream tricycle is available in a version that provides 6-8 hours of autonomy when not connected to a power supply. In the case of longer use, autonomy can be extended by connecting to a power supply using a normal cable.
  • The set-up for selling ice-cream on the road can be done either with rectangular or circular tubs (pozzetti) depending on the customer’s requirements
  • The cargo tricycle is also available with a pedal-assist kit which makes it easier to cover longer distances, and it is one of our best-sellers.

The tricycle is suitable for various types of set-up, contact us to decide which one best suits your needs