Kiosks & Stalls

ICECAR also makes practical functional kiosks and stalls. These are semi-permanent solutions, that can be completely customised depending on the products to be sold and the customer’s specific requirements. It’s possible to create real bars, ice-cream parlours, cafeterias, as well as small restaurants and pizzerias.

  • The ICECAR Team provides a tailored made design of the kiosk or stall.
  • The interior furniture and equipment are designed ad hoc with the customer, in order to satisfy his requirements.
  • Also in this case, the structure can be fully customised in respect of colour, logo, stickers, etc.
  • Thanks to our years of experience and because we serve various customers from abroad, we can arrange shipping, installation and the after-sale customer service anywhere in the world.

For further information or a free quotation please contact our sales department.