Overhaul of used vehicles

Project: Ice-cream Van Aosta

For one of our clients we have undertaken a revision of an ice cream van that was presented with several problems. Specifically the ICECAR team intervened with the following audit used vehicles operations.

  • It was decided to install a diesel-powered generator.
  • As required by the current hygiene regulations, the technicians have installed the hot water boiler and the wash basin sink.
  • PTo meet customer needs, an additional 125 AH battery was installed.
  • In order to make the lighting system more efficient and environmentally friendly, the old neon lights and the relative electrical panel and protection fuses have been replaced with LEDs.
  • We have carried out the installation of additional 220V sockets with inverter.
  • All stainless steel tops have been completely redone and installed.
  • To ensure a comfortable temperature for the operator, a modern floor heating system was installed.
  • Changes have been made to external advertising signs.

In the images present here we note how a restructuring and overhaul of a used vehicle can completely transform the appearance and functionality of the vehicle.